Established Conservation Easements

The state of Wisconsin has recognized that individual communities do an excellent job of identifying places worthy of protection. Additionally, the state has facilitated private land stewardship by legislation that helps landowners maintain the right to enjoy what is special about their property while decreasing their tax burden and allowing them to realize some financial gain from their good stewardship.

The Green Lake Conservancy has fashioned a variety of agreements for easements, ownership and public access for these properties based on the landowners’ needs and desires. Some have gone into pure land conservation easements, with the property owners maintaining hunting rights or agriculture privileges, while protecting those private properties from future development.  Another site, Tichora Conservancy, was protected with a conservation easement – even though it remains open to the public for hiking and recreation.

Folsom Nature Preserve (private)

Folsom Farms is a working agriculture operation that is situated along Silver Creek. In addition to the farming operations, the nearly 550+ acre property contains extensive forest, diverse wetlands, and several springs – not to mention the extensive shoreline along Green Lake’s largest tributary. The landowner felt it was important to establish a Conservation Easement to protect this beautiful property from possible future development.

Boerson Farm (private)

This Conservation Easement protects a 64-acre agriculture operation where sustainable and regenerative farming practices are being employed. The farm focuses on intensive vegetable production, as well as rotationally grazed beef cows and chickens.

Hutchinson Conservancy LLC (private)

First purchased by the Hutchinsons in 1958, this property has been utilized by the family for recreation and hunting for several decades. A couple of fields are farmed, but mostly the land consists of oak forests, sedge meadows and riparian wetlands, and includes about a mile of the Puchyan River.

The property also contains several sites of archaeological and historical interest. The Hutchinson family decided to protect their special (and private) site from future development by establishing this Conservation Easement.

Tichora Conservancy (public)

Formerly the site of Camp Grow, this property was purchased and briefly held by the Green Lake Conservancy. Prior to the transfer of the deed to the Green Lake Sanitary District, a Conservation Easement was established on the land to protect it forever from development.